Facial Rejuvenation Services

BOTOX/DYSPORT Neurotoxin treatment:

Relaxes muscles of the:


▪ Forehead

▪ Glabellar area (lines between the eyebrows)

▪ Crows feet (lines around the eyes)


 Rejuvenation of lips by reducing wrinkles 

DERMAL Fillers:

Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm:


▪ Replace lost facial volume

▪ Restoration of lip contours

▪ Increase lip volume

▪ Anti-aging correction of thin lips

▪ Softening of vertical lip lines and “laugh lines”

▪ Improving drooping corners of the mouth

▪ Re-contour jaw line/jowls

                           Rejuvenation with fuller, younger lips